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Vaidic Srijan

Today we’ve polluted the soil water and air beyond the limits and thus sustainability in itself is questionable.

While the world is still trying to find out sustainable ways of living, within India, we have developed the most sustainable way of,

“Resurrection of native ecology of the wetlands, based on Vaidic Science”

We are Vaidic Srijan LLP, and we are out on a Mission to reestablish the MOST Holistic and Sustainable Science, knowledge base and Way of Living – the Vaidic Way.

We help you achieve the following with our 100% indigenous technology, proven already in Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi & National Capital Region, Punjab, Haryana and Chhattisgarh, and slowly but steady spreading across the nation –

We call this technology for “Ecological Resurrection of the Native Ecology in Wetlands and Waterbodies” as “Cownomics® Technology”. The ripple effect of this is there in agriculture and animal husbandry too, since the Resurrected Water naturally transforms in to neuro-immuno booster for plants and animals.

There’s a remarkable improvement in the aquatic life due to restoration of aquatic food chain, which also results into the return of birds, bees and butterflies around the Waterbody. Life exuberates in all forms around the Waterbody, due to creation of a micro-climate around the Wetland / Waterbody, for the simple reason that the native ecology in all the three possible habitats for microbiota gets resurrected (Soil, Water and Air).

Cownomics® Technology – At a glance

You would be happy to know that we’ve developed a technology through which you can transform any Waterbody into a blue carbon sink, irrespective of the kind of inlet Water coming in. We call this incredible carbon sequestration as Cownomics® Technology. Primarily, the technology was developed for ecological resuscitation of Soil, Water and Air Ecology, without any use of mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology or micro-biology.

It harnesses the free energy from nature for rejuvenation of life cycles of Ecology.

Basically, nature had designed all Waterbodies as carbon sinks doing photosynthesis, absorbing Carbon from atmosphere and releasing Oxygen (O2) to maintain high dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in Water and also emitting the surplus Oxygen (O2) in air, and also attracting all the particulate matter (PM) in air to the Water surface to perform the air pollution mitigation.

But we humans through anthropogenic activities of sewage production and effluent creation, have spoilt this ecosystem, resulting in to global warming, climate change, air pollutions, drinking water scarcity and so on.

Cownomics® Technology is to restore this back to the natural conditions, and we’ve done it successfully in many projects across India, transforming polluted Waterbodies back into Carbon sinks.


All the technologies available in the market works on a single philosophy – 95% of waste water is pure and on 5% is the contaminant added to it. Thus if we extract this 5% waste from it, the rest would become pure again. But this ideology has a fundamental flaw. The problem is lack of understanding of the basic nature of Water.

Whenever anything is added to water, the decomposition process starts there and then. For example, when we put ammonia in Water it would get decomposed to nitrate, which in turn would get decomposed into nitrite. Therefore, if we take out nitrite out of Water, there’s something that is left behind. And thus, Water is not back to itself natural self.

The only sustainable and continuous phenomena that’s happening on this planet since its inception is “nature”. In nature there’s nothing called waste. Restoring, Revitalizing, Rejuvenating, Recycling and Reusing of all the resources is natural. And the same stands true with water, soil and air as well.

So the obvious right approach is to take inspiration from nature and mimic the same.

In nature, this removal of contamination doesn’t happen at all. Rather all contamination, pollution, impurities or toxins are consumed and digested in the aqua-ecology.

But if this was true, why are our waterbodies getting contaminated across the globe? It is only because our extent of pollution is beyond the natural rejuvenation capacity of water.

So what’s the way out?

The only way out is to increase the digestion and consumption capacity of water so that it is rejuvenated and restored on a daily basis. This is exactly what Cownomics® Technology does.

To visualize this, let’s take an example of an obese person, trying to reduce and loose weight. Now it can’t happen that he eats junk food year-long and hit the gym just for one day. If he has to reduce, he has to change his metabolism itself, if he eats daily, he has to exercise daily too, or else he has to reduce the input too, along with daily regular exercise.

The same goes true with the Waterbody. If the treatment has to be in-situ conditions (without diverting any nallahs or drains or sewage / effluent inputs), the treatment also has to be regular.

A sustainable solution can only be the one that transforms the sewage input into an asset instead of a liability that it presently is. And this can only be achieved by enhancing the consumption and digestion capacity of aqua-ecology to accommodate the amount of sewage & effluent being produced on earth and being added to the Waterbodies. This is precisely the Cownomics® ideology, based on the fundamentals of Vedic Science, wherein Water is considered a key source of life and therefore a living ecology in itself.

Key Advantages

Cownomics® Technology – At a glance

Other technologies claim that they are “eco-friendly”, which primarily means, they will try to minimize the harm being cause to the environment & ecology. So they try to reduce the risk. Cownomics® is the ONLY technology that is “Ecological”, which means 100% natural. Now there are some pseudo claims for being natural too, like you see in most of biological solutions, wherein they put some bio-enzymes or weeds or bacteria or any other micro-organisms in the Waterbody and expect the restoration to happen, but the very fact that human being are introducing them to the aqua-ecology proves that it is NOT their natural habitat. Let understand it with an example of “pest control” – When we have pest in our homes, let’s say mice, what are the possible options?

As Cownomics® Technology is not using any electricity or burning any hydrocarbons fuels in the process of restoration, this is a Zero emission process.

Rather a rejuvenated Waterbody starts doing photosynthesis, therefore a lot of carbon sequestration is done by the Waterbody on a regular basis creating a Blue Carbon Sink. Thus it reduces the Carbon Footprints and generates revenue through Carbon Credits, unlike any other technology in the Water sector.

The complete process is merely pouring the diluted concentrate in the Waterbody, which means just a single step process for which not even a skilled labor would be required, making it the easiest process of rejuvenation on the planet. Irrespective of the authority, be it on a level of ULBs, Municipal Corporations, Development authorities, Nagar Nigam, Nigam Parishad, Block Level or even Gram panchayat level, this process can always be adopted with ease and comfort.

This is the only process in which Waterbody rejuvenation is naturally coupled with host of other benefits like –

As there’s no permanent fixture or installation or civil construction, this is a 100% in-situ treatment and can be started at a notice of hours, unlike any other treatment process. Thus there is Zero gestation period and Zero footprints, no real estate requirement and no capital expenditure at all. As this is a natural and holistic process, this naturally happens to be the fastest process too. What takes other technologies to achieve in months and years, is what get done through Cownomics® in a matter of days. For examples the foul smell disappear in a few hours, mosquitoes get eradicated in a matter of a few days and so on. The Annexure -II, defines the time lines of the visual changes in human experiences with the Waterbody in details.
Key Limitations

Like all other processes, there’s a limitation here as well. Firstly, since Cownomics® Technology is only working on reinstatement of natural ecology, the existence of the ecology is a mandatory requirement for this technology to work. Which means, earth in the bottom, above which the pool of Water and above which has to be the natural atmosphere. That essentially means that the waterbody has to be earthen linking the Soil, Water and Air, neither laminated from bottom nor a covered top surface, allowing Sunlight to penetrate Water.

Secondly, the surface area of the Waterbody has to be above 10,000 sq.ft.