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Air pollution Mitigation

Air pollution Mitigation

There’s a usual misconception in the common citizen that the concentration or the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is known as pollution in the air. This is a delusion.

In reality, it’s majorly about the concentration of Particulate Matter (PM) in air, which are freely floating solid particles in Air, often divided into COx, NOx and SOx all of which are usually released in burning of fossil fuels (hydrocarbons like coal, diesel, petrol, ethane, methane, gasoline, kerosene etc.).

There’s another key property of these PM particles, which is the positive charge that they carry.

Now this is something that make our life easier to sort this problem. And this only because of the charge that they carry. The natural landing surface of these PM particles happens to the Water surface, because Water in any natural Waterbody in its natural state has negatively charged top surface, due to the sheer structure of the Water molecule, which is bi-polar (bottom is positively charged, while the top is negatively charged).

This makes the PM material get attracted towards the Water, and settle on the surface, wherein it gets wet and becomes heavier than water and settled in the base as sludge. The sludge is then consumed and digested in the process of ecological dredging, which is done by the native microbiota on the Waterbody / wetland.

That why you would’ve observed that the air quality in the coastal cities is always better than the land locked cities.

Another key function of a waterbody, which makes people / all animals rejuvenated in the vicinity is the process of photosynthesis. Yes, all Waterbodies do photosynthesis, capture greenhouse gases (GHG) from air, and release oxygen. And when the excess of oxygen is emitted in air, it makes the air fresh. Breathing is oxygenated air, rejuvenates the brain of the animals in the vicinity of the Waterbody.

Thus the resurrection of the native ecology of the wetlands and the waterbodies, naturally does air pollution mitigation.